Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fabulous Clutches!

Attention, dear ladies!

It without which you can not imagine this summer, are clutches picturesque colors!
FM represent you: Sir Alistair Rai Clutches.
You can find these fabulous clutches here - Creative Contrast store.

Promotional discount for FM's Fellow Fashionistas is $ 10 off on any of these clutches for one week. The code is CHIC10 and this is exclusive for Fashion Moment's readers.

Jackie O Clutch with Animal Print

Jackie O Clutch with Orange Paisley Print

Jackie O Clutch with Lime Paisley Print

White/Turquoise Peace Mantra Clutch

My absolutely favourite Sir Alistair Rai Clutches is thisone - Tribal Clutch in Tan.
Which one is your favourite?

Creative Contrast


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